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Chris Burchell is the son of a West Point graduate and Army Colonel who grew up hearing the words, “duty, honor, country.”  He was born in our nation’s capitol and has lived in numerous states including Alaska, Georgia, California, New York, Kansas, and of course, Texas – going where the Army required his father’s service. When Chris was 15 years of age his father retired from the service in San Antonio, Texas.

In his senior year of high school Chris volunteered as a firefighter then went on to become a professional emergency medical technician.

At 19 years of age, he was the youngest commissioned officer within the Bexar County Sheriff’s office and has now served for over 27 years in Law Enforcement. Within the  Sheriff’s office, Chris has served in numerous roles, including positions in the Bexar County Jail, patrol, criminal investigations and has supervised in departments such as violent crimes, sex crimes, gang units and internal affairs.   Additionally, he has worked in Homeland Security critical infrastructure hardening, a role with the intent of preparing our regional communities for disasters and catastrophic events where community response and involvement is necessary. He is no stranger to the court room and is passionately involved in helping to put an end to child exploitation, human trafficking and sexual slavery, problems rampant on our borders and major cities.  Chris has been asked, and has obliged, to speaking engagements all across the United States, South America and the Caribbean Islands that includes speaking before congressional panels in Washington DC for the purpose of educating our lawmakers on how heinous and prevalent child sex trafficking has become.

Chris and his wife and children have lived in Wilson County for ten years. He raises livestock and has bred and trained police horses.

Chris believes government should keep within its financial means and support small business and agricultural growth initiatives and believes in Fiscal Conservatism – do more with what you have.  Less taxation will create an economic bounty for people that work hard. Chris is a supporter of both the United States Constitution and Texas Constitution. Chris is a gun owner, hunter and has done competitive shooting.

Chris is involved in community service during his free time including volunteering with Habitat for Humanity, initiating and chairing the 12 Alamo Regional Counties Citizen Corp Council teaching communities disaster survival. Chris sits on the board for One by One Ministries, founded and runs the Texas Anti-Trafficking In Persons building rapid response coalitions all over Texas and was nationally recognized in Washington DC for his efforts. Chris sits on advisory boards for the National Institute of Justice, the National Human Trafficking Reporting System for North Eastern University, in Boston, Massachusetts. Chris has worked to develop and strengthen laws for Texas working on advisory panels and providing expert testimony to state legislators. Chris sat on the Coalition of Churches strategic planning committee representing over 550 churches of many denominations of faith on how to help mobilize communities.

Chris was instrumental to the Hurricane Katrina and Rita responses in San Antonio and the region and was present in the command center around the clock coordinating the volunteer efforts for the more than 6000 people brought to our shelters. In six weeks 8700 volunteers and 3.5 million hours of in-kind contributions were delivered to the operation. Thanks to community relationships of volunteer fire departments, churches, businesses and regular citizens, San Antonio shined across the nation as a city of hope and refuge for so many.  Chris was recognized by the National Response Team, The Texas House of Representatives, The Arch Diocese of San Antonio, and other organizations.

Chris supports photo ID voting, stronger border security measures, limited government, empowering citizens through collaboration and partnerships with less taxation, a baby’s right to life and adoption alternatives, improving agriculture benefits and programs available to all farmers and ranchers.

Chris Burchell is personally asking for your vote on December 14, 2010



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